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Class 19 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • Reading for Wednesday: 
    • Donna J. Haraway, Excerpts from "A Cyborg Manifesto" (1985), chapter 8 in her book Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature (1991)  PDF  -- The PDF contains the whole book. Read only following excerpts from the "A Cyborg Manifesto" chapter in the book:
      • pp. 149-155
      • pp. 161-165
      • pp. 170-173
      • p. 181 
  • Upcoming novel: William Gibson, Neuromancer 







Lecture for Class 19: 
Postindustrial "Knowledge Work" & the Neoliberal "Networked Society" (continued)

Against all the Above

















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