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Class 12 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • First essay assignment due today by 11:59 pm by email to your TA. 
  • Midterm exam: 60-minute exam on Monday May 4
    • The exam will be on the course Gauchospace site.
    • Students can choose when to take the exam within a window of time on May 4th between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (Pacific time)
    • Once started, the exam must be completed within 60 minutes.
    • Description of exam.
    • Policy for referring to readings and notes for the exam:
      • English 25 exams are mostly "factual" and "objective" because they are designed to assess whether students have been keeping up with the readings and lectures. They were not originally designed for open-notes and open-readings exam-taking, which would require many more "thinking" questions that ask students to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate the materials.
      • However, because there is no proctoring in the current situation, there is no way for the professor and the TAs to enforce a no-open-notes practice (except indirectly (because the nature of many questions and the number of them constrain the use of notes to a diminishing return).
      • Therefore, to be clear and realistic about exam policy and also to alleviate ambiguity about what counts as "academic integrity" in taking the exam, the policy for English 25 exams will be that it is fine for students to look at the readings and their notes during the exam.
      • However, students should plan on sparingly and only occasionally referring to the readings and notes. The exam is constructed in such a way that it is unrealistic and counter-productive to try frantically to research all the materials during the time allotment of 60 minutes. It would be foolish to expect to do well on the exam without having kept up with the readings and lectures and studying them. 






Lecture 12: 
Fiction and Modern Media, Communication, & Information (Thomas Pynchon)

















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