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Class 9 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • Upcoming readings and assignments: see Schedule
  • For next series of readings (in computer history):
    • Read the histories of computing with attention to:
      • Main technical developments (need to know only the standout developments--e.g., the Univac computer and most famous machines (but not the detail of all the other machines, technologies, etc.), the rise of the ARPAnet and Internet, etc.
      • Conceptual and logical principles (e.g., von Neumann computer, stored program computer, networking)
      • The main historical narrative of the rise of the computer.
    • For  the reading assignment about HTML, just look through the document to get an orientation about how HTML works.
    • Get started reading the novel, Thomas Pynchon' The Crying of Lot 49
  • First essay assignment






Lecture 9: 
The Communications Revolution & the Digital Principle (continued) /
Computer Revolution (1) History of the Computer

















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