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Class 3 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • Remote Learning (Cheering you on!)

    • UCSB campus statistics on remote teaching/learning:
      • GauchoSpace site pages have been viewed 4,987,413 times this week.
      • Collectively, UCSB students, faculty, and staff have spent over 78,967 hours on GauchoSpace sites so far this week.
      • GauchoCast  has 35,659 users,  2,508 creators, 12,336 recordings, and 1,263,769 views and downloads
      • Zoom hosts around 2000 UCSB sessions per day. 
    • The remote learning part of the equation 


  • Enrollment

    • Enrollment process in English 25 (see FAQ
    • Google form for "Enrollment poll" required for all students (enrolled, wait listed, crashing)
      • The Google form opens today, Friday April 3rd, at 3pm, and closes on Sunday April 5th at noon. (Places in course are NOT determined by who fills out the poll first.) 
      • Preview of the form


Section Information

Enroll Code
T 5-5:50 (SH 2623) Phillip Cortes
17756  T 4-4:50 (SH 2623)
Phillip Cortes
17764  T 1-1:50 (SH 1450)
Edwin ("Teddy") Roland 
T 2-2:50 (SH 2623)
Edwin ("Teddy") Roland  
17780  R 9-9:50 (SH 2623) Leila Stegemoeller 
17798   R 10-10:50 (SH 2623) Leila Stegemoeller 



    • Section Activities (primarily through asynchronous Gauchospace discussion forums, but with some supplemental optional real-time Zoom meetings) 

      • In second week of instruction:

        • Section activities start next week (2nd week of instruction).

          • Students must participate in a minimal first assignment in a Gauchospace discussion forum that will be set up for their section by the end of today.

          • The assignment (at a due date to this weekend or early next week as set by your TA) is to introduce yourselves through a post in your section's forum (and also sign up for the "summary" assignments in later weeks of section activities).

          • Each TA will post in your discussion forum a prompt for this first assignment.

        • Students on the wait list or crashing should wait until they are enrolled in the course (if enrollment is possible) and then complete the initial self-introduction assignment during the following week.

      • During subsequent weeks of instruction:

        • Each week in a section, one or more students will be assigned to write for the discussion forum that week a summary of a course reading (of the reading's claims, evidence, and stakes). Summaries must be posted by 11:59 pm of the Friday preceding the week for which it is assigned.

        • Other students must write responses to one or more of the readings (as summarized) by 11:59 pm of the Monday of the week of the relevant section. In their responses, students can connect the reading to other readings, to other relevant material or issues outside the course, or to the nature of the media, communication, and information forms they are experiencing in their lives (e.g. during the COVID-19 emergency or in the current remote-teaching situation itself).

        • Each section may also occasionally ask students to participate in supplemental asynchronous activities at the discretion of each TA.

      • Office hours and other real-time activities: TAs will have a synchronous activity of some kind that functions as office hours, and at their discretion can also have other occasional synchronous meetings that are optional for students.

    • Section Participation Grade

      • Section participation grade will be restored in the course. The grade for section participation will count for 10% of the final grade.

      • The grades for the five required assignments in the course (the three short essays and two exams) will be adjusted down from counting for 20% of the final grade each to 18% each.

      • The three optional minor assignments in the course (creating your own system for managing online readings, creating a spreadsheet, performing a text-analysis exercise) will remain optional and ungraded. 

      • Possible adjustments for the remote-learning situation: At the midterm point the course, the TAs and professor will evaluate the overall grades for the course for the first essay and the midterm exam and evaluate whether or not any grade curving is needed to compensate for the difficulties studies students are facing in a remote-learning environment.







"Overture" Section of course (and readings for next classes): (go to Schedule page)

Reminder: purchase from online vendors the two required books for the course


Lecture 3: The Age of Orality












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