English 25,"Literature and the Information, Media, and Communication Revolutions" (Spring 2020, Professor Alan Liu)

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Date of announcement: June 3, 2020

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How have language, reading, and literature responded to revolutions in media, communication, and information technology?  This course introduces the history and theory of the major changes in human discourse that have led up to our current information age.  Readings in literary and artistic works exemplify the creative artist's response to these changes.
(See also the Honors Section for this course, which currently has spaces for enrollment.)


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Prerequisites: None
General Education Areas Fulfilled: GE Area G Requirement, Writing Requirement
Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 25
QuarterSpring 2020
Instructor: Professor Alan Liu (Office hours, W 2:00-3:00 over Zoom: details)
Lecture Day(s): MWF   Lecture Time: 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Lecture Location: During the COVID-19 virus situation, lectures will be delivered live by Zoom and also recorded for later access. Zoom meeting address for lectures:
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Section Information

Enroll Code
T 5-5:50 (SH 2623) Phillip Cortes
17756  T 4-4:50 (SH 2623)
Phillip Cortes
17764  T 1-1:50 (SH 1450)
Edwin ("Teddy") Roland 
T 2-2:50 (SH 2623)
Edwin ("Teddy") Roland  
17780  R 9-9:50 (SH 2623) Leila Stegemoeller 
17798   R 10-10:50 (SH 2623) Leila Stegemoeller 

Alan Liu

A message from Professor Alan Liu:

Dear students,

I'm sorry we won't be able to meet each other in person this Spring quarter. Please see the notices below on this page and throughout this course site (and also my course's supplementary Gauchospace site) about how the course will work during the current situation. (See also my course FAQ.)

I'll give my lectures live through Zoom at the regular course times, but also provide recordings of them as soon as they are ready. My first lecture will be live on Monday, March 30 at 1:00-1:50 pm (Pacific time) at the following Zoom meeting address: (I will use the same Zoom address for all lectures in the course. A password is also required to join the live Zoom meetings beginning April 3. The password will be provided on the Gauchospace course site.) If there are any technical problems that interrupt or prevent a live lecture, wait for an announcement from me (and there will always be a recording later).

Through all this, we will need to keep our expectations realistic. There are bound to be problems, and you will not be getting 100% of the course and experience I had hoped to deliver. I'm sorry about that. But I hope that the problems we discover together during remote, mediated instruction can be something we can learn from--especially in a course on "Literature and the Information, Media, and Communication Revolutions"!

Alan (signature of first name)




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Throughout the English 25 course pages on this PBworks site, watch for this emergency red-light icon notifying you about an assignment, course policy, or other course feature that has changed or is subject to further change due to evolving circumstances related to the COVID-19 virus situation and the COLA graduate-student TA strike.
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This "X" version of the course has been adapted by Professor Liu for two special current situations: the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during which UCSB is conducting instruction through remote online means, and the COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) strike by participating graduate-student TAs (including those assisting in this course). Depending on how these situations evolve (and how well features of the course function during them), Professor Liu may need to make additional alterations to this "X" course during the quarter.


The main adaptations in this "X" version of English 25 include the following. (See also FAQ on special course procedures in Spring 2020):